Thursday, February 21, 2008


Mom and Dad are having a blast they say it is so beautiful and warm. They visited the ancient ruins and said they were amazing. Dad was able to go snorkling and said that that was really pretty and fun. Unfortunatley Mom and Dad came down with fevers but luckily they sell penicillin there with out a perscription. They are doing fine they are just sad that they were pushed back a day because of it. Mom dosent want to come home she told Dad he should have taken a couple more days. They are enjoying Rick and Myra's company, I am so happy that they were able to go with friends! The resort they are staying in is one of the best in Mexico I think they said it was 41/2 star. They are just loving it and hate to leave so soon but I sure am ready to have them home I have gotten used to having mom and dad around! I miss you guys come home safe!


Rachel said...

Finally! Now start posting mama. We demand pictures from Tulum and the rest of you Riveria Maya Adventure.

Jaimee said...

I can't believe you both got sick there! Poor mama you got sick going to Hawaii too, will you ever get a break on your vacations;) I'm glad your having such a great time! I hope to see many wonderful pictures and hear all about the trip on this blog! We are finally back now from Tahiti and had a fabulous time! I can't believe how much we missed in the blogging world while we were gone though so there's so much to catch up on! We love you and can't wait to hear all about your adventure's! xoxoxo