Saturday, August 2, 2008

I'm finally here!

So to all my children who have given me a bad time about writing on my blog that Lindsey created for me, I am finally here. Yes, it truly is me writing and not Lindsey updating this for me. I'm here in Colombia in the hotel with my two computer geaks. So, why not learn how to do this. Rachel and Adam have ran my little feet off the past 2 days. They're having to slow down their pace to not leave me in the dust. I appreciate their thoughtfulness. Today we spent touring the old part of Bogota where the Presidents and Senate buildings are. I saw many churches and the beginning culture of Colombia. We ate at good old McDonalds. Can you believe that? We saw a protest in the presidential square. We saw a great deal of art museums. I had tear drops when I saw one little girl about 5 walking alone in a very dirty dress. It broke my heart to think what she is going through on a daily basis. It makes me know for sure what Adam and Rachel are trying to do for these four children is to give them a much better life than they could ever have here. We are so blessed to have what we have. Tonight we went to good old Baskin and Robbins for a treat. It was oh so yummy! Tomorrow we are going to attend church. It will be very interesting. I hope I can remember enough spanish to pick up on some of the meaning of their talks. So I'm not as good as my kids at this but I'm at least trying. I'll post some things later. Next step is to have Rachel and/or Adam help me put a picture on it. Thanks for listening....

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